The Balanced Side Hustle is currently closed until 2018.


Start Living a Life Not Controlled By Stress and Overwhelm

Who Am I?

Every since I was younger I have had about 1,000 different interests and a 10 different things pulling at my heartstrings at any given moment. Growing up this made things fun, I was on yearbook staff, in theater, I did URL competitions, worked as assistant manager at Sonic (no, I didn’t wear skates), was on the dance team, was Spanish Club Secretary and student body vice president… to sum it up, I was all over the place.

This didn’t change too much when I went to college, I stayed busy with school, socializing, greek life and work (sometimes 2 jobs), but something unfortunate happened when I hit my mid-twenties, my energy levels dropped, metabolize practically stopped and I discovered that contrary to what my body had lead me to believe, I could get hangovers. These realizations all came to my attention when I was less than a year into my blog, working two jobs, balancing a relationship, family drama and freelancing. It came to a point where I was on a hamster wheel I was constantly running and wasn’t getting anywhere, I was wearing myself out but not really accomplishing anything. I would try to look for answers online but everything felt generic and honestly was just a waste more of my time. I wasn’t sleeping, my health was sucking and my anxiety was at an all-time high. My doctor’s solution more clonazepam… I knew that walking around in a drug induced state wasn’t going to get my to do list done and it certainly wasn’t going to grow my blog and business. I had this dream of helping my fellow millennial women find balance and I was totally off my axis. Then I developed my own plan. I didn’t have to give up everything to get anything done I just needed to create a system that worked for me.

Guess what, I can take the weekend to go to a friend’s wedding out of town and my site won’t implode.  I can say every Thursday night between 7-10pm I’ll be watching ABC and my laptop can suck it! I can take that call from my sister when she is having a bad day and not worry about that deadline looming. 

I love organization. I love planning and making things make sense and creating a strategy to get goals done.

Here is the thing, I know not everyone is like that. I have generalized anxiety disorder and I know what overwhelm can feel paralyzing.  With that being said I also know your schedule shouldn’t be the reason you don’t make the most of the time you have to spend on your side hustle. I get it, really I do.

Work all day, go to the gym, make dinner, then hitting up the keyboards for a few hours before bed, spending 10 or more of your weekend hours nose deep in emails and blog posts while your friends are at brunch, it can suck. This course is all about making a schedule so if you want you can have a productive work session Saturday afternoon and enjoy mimosas on Sunday morning. It’s all about finding a balance for the things that matter to you.